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Memory Help for Mommies

Tips for Enhancing Your Child's Brain Development

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girl playing violin - igor spasic 
As parents, we’re always on the quest to help our children grow towards their highest potential. One area that we can't overlook is their brain development. There are many simple and fun ways you can help your child's brain develop. Read on for some helpful exercises, music, language and games that you can use to help nurture your children's mental abilities. 
Crossing the Midline
For toddlers, developing the ability to cross the midline at an early age is essential for their brain development. According to Therapy Street for Kids, crossing the midline is the ability to reach across the middle of the body, with the arms and legs crossing over to the opposite side. Crossing the midline of your body helps build pathways in the brain and is an important prerequisite skill for developing more complex abilities later in life. Children who have developed cross the midline do well in reading, writing, completing self care skills and participating in sports and physical activities. 
Crossing the midline is also related to developing right or left-handedness. Establishing a “worker hand” and a “helper hand” is a sign that the brain is maturating and lateralization is occurring, and is strongly correlated with the ability to cross the midline. Both sides of the brain need to talk to each other for the “worker hand” and the “helper hand” to work together and complement each other. Coordinating both sides of the body can be difficult for the child who avoids crossing midline. Often, these children have not yet established a hand preference, sometimes using their left and sometimes using their right to draw, color, write, eat, and throw.


Treat Yourself and Your Family to Autumn’s Best Brain Food

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autumn whole foods by elvert barnes

As the days get shorter and mornings have that unmistakeable nip of autumn, we say goodbye to the fresh fruits and veggies of the summer months. While most of us think of summer as the best time for harvesting and consuming healthy fruits and vegetables, fall has its own set of fresh produce. And many of them, especially the deep greens and reds, are great for memory and brain health. Here are a few to consider, plus links to recipes for some of the more picky eaters in your family.


Eight Essential Apps to Ease the Back-to-School Crunch

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apps by scis schools 

Rolling back into the school routine is one of the more stressful times in a family’s year. For moms, keeping it all together and maintaining sanity while getting the kids adjusted to their new routines sometimes feels impossible. 
Most memory researchers will tell you that disorganization and stress are major contributors to forgetfulness.  As a matter of fact, the two are interrelated--when we get disorganized, we tend to forget things more easily. And as we forget things, we tend to get more disorganized. And then the stress seems to soar, sometimes affecting the whole family. 
There are, however, some tools out there that can help you de-clutter your brain, regain some time, sanity, and memory during this intense time and beyond. Here are some mom-tested apps that can make your life easier.


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