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... Because it's All in Your Mind!



Question MarkIn his lectures, seminars, workshops and other solutions, Michael and his associates at Memory Spring offer four major strategies for improving one's memory:

     - Technical: Memory Techniques, Brain Training, and Mental Development 

     - Physical: Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, and Hydration 

     - Organizational: Work/Personal Organization, Structural Development, and Time Effectiveness 

     - Mental: Stress Reduction, Belief Building, and Visualization 

While the core curriculum of Memory Spring's courses are constant, Michael and his associates custom-tailor their presentations to the particular needs and requests of their audiences. Here are some of the groups and industries that would benefit from Michael's presentations: 
      • Sales & Marketing Departments
      • Law Firms
      • Writers and Editors
      • Public Relations and Marketing Firms
      • Real Estate
      • Construction: Business Development and Management
      • Hospitality Industry (including visitor bureaus, hotels, restaurants and meeting planners)
      • Education Sector (including school district superintendents, school principals and administrators, teachers and certain vendors of education products)
      • Medical Profession (including doctors, dentists and other specialized practitioners and staff who deal directly with patients)
      • Other Professions (including Engineers, Certified Public Accountants, Insurance Brokers and Agents)
      • Nonprofit Boards of Directors
      • Fundraising/Development Directors
      • Association Executives