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Resistance and Endurance Training are Shown to Improve Memory

Weight Lifting
In today's memory improvement environment, much is made over the importance of brain exercises to improving your memory and brain health.  While brain exercises are extremely important, it's also important to include physical exercise in your brain improvement regime.  Physical exercise plays a significant part in memory improvement and brain health.
New studies have confirmed the importance of endurance and resistance training in improving your memory and brain health. A recent study was conducted by the University of British Columbia.  They recruited a number of women ages 70 to 80 who had been found to have mild cognitive impairment.  Mild cognitive impairment means that their memory and thinking are more muddled than would be expected at a given age. Mild cognitive impairment is also considered a risk factor for increasing dementia diseases such as Alzheimer's.
In this study, the scientists evaluated various types of exercises and their impact on essential types of memory. As part of the study they randomly assigned their volunteers to six months of supervised exercise. Some of the women lifted weights twice a week. Others briskly walked. And some, as a control measure, skipped endurance exercise and instead stretched and toned.
After 6 months, the results were astounding, the women in the toning group scored worse on the memory tests than they had at the start of the study. Their cognitive impairment had grown. The women who had exercised, either by walking or weight training, performed better on almost all of the cognitive tests after six months than they had before. 
Even more interesting was the fact that while both exercise groups scored equally on the spacial memory tests, the walking women had better memory gains (than the weight lifting women) in the area of verbal memory. 
If you haven't already, remember to incorporate regular physical exercise into your health and wellness routine.  Click here for some tips on starting an exercise program that you'll stick to. That exercise program will help you feel better and remember more in your daily life.
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