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Memory Help

Memory and Energy Help for New Mommies

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mommy and newborn

The one point in time where mommies really struggle with their energy, memory and brain health is in the first six months after child birth. So many factors impact a mom’s memory and energy at this point that it’s overwhelming. Factors such as, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, new child integration, establishing new habits, hyper focus on the health and wellness of the child, and others make it extremely difficult for a mom to focus on maintaining her brain health and energy.

Stephanie Miles of the Baby Center recommends a few easy nutrition steps that can improve your energy, memory, and brain health.



Mommies, Maintain Your Memory and Your Sanity Through Color Coding

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color pencils 
For mommies trying to keep it all together, color coding is a proven process that can help with your organization (structure) and your memory. Because your brain likes structure and organization, color coding makes it easier to recall details, activities, even your children.  Implementing a color coding program in your life will improve your memory, save you time, reduce your  angst (looking for things), and help you maintain your sanity.
Why is color such an important element?  

Mommies, What are You Doing to Avoid Dehydration and Protect Your Memory?

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 water footprints

Avoiding dehydration is an issue that most mommies struggle with every day. Dehydration is defined as a condition of inadequate body fluids. Most of us go through our daily lives in a mild state of dehydration. Research has shown that dehydration starves your brain of water which forces it to work harder. In addition, recent research has revealed that failing to drink enough water can make your gray matter shrink, reducing the size and performance of your brain. Researchers also believe that even just 90 minutes of steady sweating (without rehydration) can shrink the brain as much as a year of ageing. This has led some medical researchers to conclude that Alzheimer's disease is simply the result of long-term dehydration of the brain.


Mommies are more prone to dehydration more than others because of a number of factors including physical changes, increased pace of life, extreme focus on their child and minimal focus on themselves, breast feeding, stress, exhaustion just to name a few. Besides brain and general health, dehydration impacts energy level, mood, and the ability to care for your child. What's the right amount of water required to stay properly hydrated?



Five Simple Exercises to Improve Your Brain Health and Memory

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With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to start considering some of the things that you can do to improve your memory and brain health.  Many of us aspire to new exercise regimes and diets, but how many of us actually implement exercises to improve our memory and brain health?  Not many of us.  Make the new year different and memorable.  

Below are some simple (minimal time usage) exercises that you can implement that will help your memory and brain health. 


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