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Memory Help

Four Yoga Poses that Improve Memory

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Many of us know that Yoga is a great way to get regular exercise and improve fitness. For mommies, it’s fantastic because Yoga can be done almost anywhere, in any time frame, and fit into an active family focused life. The exercise part is wonderful, but did you also know that it’s great for your memory?

The system of Yoga is built on three main structures: exercise, breathing, and meditation.  Its approach supports the four key areas to improve your memory:

Focus on Completing Tasks to Reduce Stress and Enhance Your Memory

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rachel todo list 
Once motherhood kicks in it becomes increasingly difficult to get tasks completed. Whether it’s reacting to the needs of your child or just coordinating with others in the household, it just seems a lot tougher to gain ground.  As a result, we get stressed out, angry, forgetful, and aggressive.  

When we make progress on our tasks we feel better about ourselves and our life. Getting stuff completed makes us feel like we’re getting somewhere instead of stagnating.  It helps us feel capable, powerful, and potent. As a result, our stress is reduced, our brain is less taxed, and our focus (and memory) is increased.
What to do?  

Here are recommended tips (from leading time management experts) to getting your daily tasks completed.


Four Unique Ways for Mommies to Stay Fit

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exercise with ball

Mommies struggle with fitness every single day. The demands of motherhood are harsh and make it extremely challenging to maintain physical well-being and sanity.  Whether the child is an infant or older, the demands are many and available time without children is minimal. As a result, mommies must find non-traditional, kid-included, approaches that help them maintain/improve their fitness and sanity.  
Fitness is so important to mommies for a number of reasons including: 1) Increased circulation which gets more blood to the brain promoting brain development and improved memory; 2) Brain stimulation which strengthens neural pathways that improve the brain’s ability to function; 3) Stress reduction which expunges negative feelings and concerns of the day; 4) Mood boosting from exercise released endorphins; and 5) Improved self image.   
Here are 4 non-traditional, kid-included, activities that you might want to consider:


5 Strategies to Help New Mommies Get More Sleep

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One of the biggest issues for new moms is sleep.  The baby never seems to be on the same schedule as mommy.  From the middle of the night feedings to the never-ending demands, it seems impossible for mommies to get adequate amounts of sleep. Lack of sleep saps your energy, wears you down, messes with your hormones, negatively alters your attitude, and impairs both your short and long-term memory.
While it seems like you’re at the mercy of the tiny new being in your home, you do have more control to gaining sleep than you think. Here are 5 proven strategies to help you get more sleep. 
1. Sleep when baby sleeps
Instead of attempting to get the baby on your schedule, flow with the baby’s natural patterns. According to pediatricians, a new baby will sleep 16 to 17 hours a day for a maximum of 4 to 5 hours at a time. Once awake, a newborn will stay awake for only 1 to 2 hours max. 

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