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Memory Help

Mommies, Keeping Stress Under Control is Vital to Your Brain Health and Sanity!

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Stress is one of those facts of life that mommies deal with every day. The seemingly unlimited number of demands from people in your life (family, friends, work, etc.) coupled with the limited amount of time and uncontrollable nature of motherhood make it virtually impossible not to have stress. Some stress is actually good for your brain and memory. In small doses stress can enhance learning, improve your immune system, and improve mental outlook, however, if allowed to get out of control, stress can wreak havoc on your memory and brain health.


Now That the Kids are Back in School, What are You Doing to Refresh Your Memory?

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Now that everyone is back in school, it’s time to add memory refreshment time into your daily schedule. While summertime is a wonderful time for the family, it also tends to be a time where your children are around the house with various demands. Things tend to be less structured and fluid which tends to throw mommies into reactive mode. Once your children are back in school, your day can be more structured. More structure opens up chunks of time to get things done and also refresh your memory.


5 Unique Organizing Ideas for Busy Mommies

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One of the biggest challenges that mom’s face on a day-to-day basis is staying organized.  Organization creates order and makes it easy for your brain to process and remember things. Disorganization creates distractions.  Too many distractions in your life create B.S.O.S. (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome) and extreme stress. Add in the unpredictability of a child and your memory and sanity get shredded. 


Exercise is a Time Saver for Mommies

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Regular exercise is one of those luxuries that most mom’s wish they could get, yet struggle to find the time to accomplish.  In our Mommy Memory Survey 67.1% of the moms felt that they didn’t get enough exercise. Is that so hard to believe?  Time is fleeting and work and family demands are many.  While it is extremely difficult, mommies must find a way to get exercise into their routine.  As a matter of fact, exercise can help mommies save time, here’s how:   


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