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Five Keys to Improving Your Self Esteem

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Keeping your self esteem intact is never easy for a mommy.  It seems like every day there’s something that tears at your confidence.  Whether it’s the children interrupting the routine, or no one doing what they said that they were going to do, or the day falling apart because of various issues, things can quickly wear on your belief basis and make you feel horrible about yourself. According to Dr. Melissa Stoppler, low self-esteem compromises our emotional readiness to handle the challenges that invariably come with daily living and therefore increases our experience of stress. Stress has been found to be a contributor to memory loss.


Mommy Organizing Tips from a Professional Organizer

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mess by upsilon andromedae 

Have you noticed that your house has changed from from “everything in its place” to “where did all this stuff come from?” Does the phrase “go clean your room” meet with a look of confused silence? Have you ever suffered a painful injury from stepping on Legos or other small toy parts?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are probably a parent. Whether or not you were organizationally challenged before welcoming a blessed little one (or two) into your space, no doubt their addition has changed the look and feel of your once-calm home. It’s true: babies and kids come with lots of extra “stuff.”  Your challenge is to tame the stuff and regain control over your space. The tips below may bring you back some sanity:

The Mommy Memory Survey

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survey 1

Memory for Mommies has developed a Mommy Memory survey to help mothers gain insight into key elements that impact memory and brain health. The 31 question survey incorporates many of the elements that are considered to impact memory and brain health. Those areas include Physical, Organizational, Technical, and Mental Emotional components.This is an updated version of the original Mommy Memory survey that was administered in 2007. This survey should take you less than 15 minutes to complete.

Once you've taken the survey, you'll get access to key metrics from the 2007 survey and be notified when we release the data from the new survey.

Click here to take the Mommy Memory survey


6 Brain Healthy New Year's Resolutions

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resolve to have more fun - memphis cvb

Swoosh … the year is almost over!  Where did it go?  It went by so fast! You know... it’s about time to look at those resolutions for 2016. Resolutions are an effective way to appreciate the past and look forward to getting better in the coming year.  In doing so, it’s always important to make sure that some of those resolutions contribute to better brain health and memory.  Here are a few for you to consider:  

1) I will eat heart healthy.  A Recent study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital  showed that women who ate the most saturated fats from foods such as red meat and butter performed worse on memory and thinking tests than women who ate the lowest amount of these fats. This study supports other data that links heart healthy diets to improved brain health and memory. While there are many theories on why heart healthy diets have an impact on memory performance and brain health, the most commonly held belief is related to cholesterol levels in the body. Consuming foods high in saturated fats and trans-fats promotes cholesterol buildup in the body.  


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