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Reduce Stress to Improve Your Memory - 10 Helpful Tips

Stressed Out by Helga Weber

Stress is an issue that we all deal with on a daily basis; however, most of us don't realize the impact that stress has on our memory. Stress is interpreted in many different ways but in human terms it is the body marshalling its resources to deal with a real or perceived threat. Stress plays a significant role in our ability to learn, store, and recall information when we need it. 


Fall Fruits and Vegetables that Boost Brain Health

Winter Squash by Egrodziak

While most of us think of summer for harvesting and consuming healthy fruits and vegetables, fall has it’s own set of fruits and vegetables that help with memory and brain health. Here are a few to consider.
Apples – Even though we can get apples all year long, apples come into season in the fall. Apples contain Quercetin. Quercetin is an antioxidant that is found mainly in the skin. It has proven more effective than vitamin C at protecting brain cells from oxidative damage that triggers neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.  


Brain and Memory Boosting Benefits of Music

Music Piano - Marc Biarnes

For many of us, music is a vital component in our everyday lives.  It lifts us up when we’re down, energizes us when we need that extra pop, soothes us when we’re angry, and gets us in the mood when we need a little romance. It’s been said that music is the soundtrack of our lives. There are many different uses for music, but did you know that music provides benefits to our memory and brain health?  It does.  Here are some of the benefits of music to your memory and brain health: 


Need to Improve Your Focus? Get Your Brain into Alpha State!


Brain Power by Allan Ajifo
Do you have trouble getting things done? Do you struggle with remembering what you just read? Do you find that it’s tough to get focused? Most of us struggle with these issues and more.  In most cases, there’s nothing wrong with us.  It’s just that we haven’t gotten our brain in the right state for the task at hand.  For the times when you need concentration and focus, you must get your brain into Alpha State.
The Four Brainwave States
Neural oscillation (Brainwave activity) is the rhythmic or repetitive neural activity in the central nervous system. It has been studied since the 1920s and 1930s. Research over the years has shown that our brainwaves operate at different rates based upon what we are doing. Below are the four commonly agreed upon brainwave states (Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta).