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Dynamic Selling


Effective selling is a dynamic process that is both a science and an art.  The science of selling is the process of focusing one’s efforts to make enough calls and meet enough people to achieve the desired sales and income.  The art of selling is having the ability to connect with people and persuade them to buy or commit. 
Most salespeople have a feel for both the science and art of selling. For instance, most know the number of calls and proposals required to hit their objectives.  On the human (Art) side, many sales people use their gut to connect with and persuade people; however, gut selling makes it difficult to develop consistency.  Developing a process for connecting with and persuading people makes selling easier and ensures consistent results.  
Dynamic Selling is a program that provides salespeople with a process to better connect with the human side (Art) of selling while keeping people focused on the science required to achieve desired results.  Whether you are new to sales or a grizzled sales veteran, you will walk away with new tools to take your business to the next level.
Course Content 
Within Dynamic Selling the participants will: 
  • Learn what it takes to be an effective dynamic seller 
  • Learn to build trust and rapport quickly  
  • Learn to uncover customer’s wants and needs 
  • Learn to build justifications for their recommendations that make business sense 
  • Learn to present solutions that motivate their customers to action 
  • Learn to resolve customer concerns  
  • Develop a market blitz to rapidly grow sales